Wellness: Possibility of Reiki and/or Radiesthesia energy treatments.

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Traditional Usui Reiki is faithful to the approach of Eastern health methods. It focuses on the balance of the person's life and therefore apprehends the person as a whole.

It reharmonizes energy by unifying body and mind, and acts on the causes and not the effects. The holistic therapy approach of Reiki explains its effects of natural and deep well-being, which are long-lasting.

During dedicated interviews, we will be able to identify psychological and emotional blockages, more or less conscious.

The practitioner will then make a link with the blocking energetic mechanisms that underlie these difficulties.He will conduct a custom reiki session, with energetic practices adapted to the difficulties evoked by the person.

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Usui Reiki?

Strengthens and accelerates the natural healing process

Rebalances the body and mind

Restores psychic harmony and deep well-being

Acts on all levels: physical, psychic, emotional and spiritual

Regulates the energy system

Releases blockages and promotes total relaxation

Encourages the elimination of toxins

Adapts to the natural needs of the receiver

Gives self-confidence

Also acts on animals, plants and situations

REIKI is an effective, simple and pleasant holistic healing method

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